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The organisation, application and implementation of Executive Secure Travel Procedures is essential for those wishing to travel with the upmost security and confidentiality.

The P&N Security Group can provide full travel advice for those wishing to travel securely throughout the UK or Worldwide by tailoring a plan to ensure that our clients reach their destination in the safest way possible, with the minimum amount of stress. Whether this be advice from us on how to travel securely, a plan of how to do it, or for us to organise and implement a secure plan using our services.

Whether the client is planning a social trip, business trip, or travelling through different countries, we can give advice whilst they are travelling, sent directly and securely to their email address or by phone to ensure they have the latest information and they can travel safely.

Our programme of Implication of Secure Travel Procedures starts with the departure and arrival destinations. We then find the best solution and the safest way for the client(s) to travel, and what services would be appropriate if required. We then draw up and present the plan, and only when the plan has been agreed by both sides, do we then implement it.

We offer a range of services to accomplish our secure travel procedures, these include:

  • Travel with our Close Protection operatives.
  • Travel with a team of Close Protection operatives.
  • The use of security chauffeurs and vehicles.
  • Specialised transportation such as armoured vehicles and air travel through our exclusive aviation partners.
  • Providing comprehensive, accurate and secure advice to all those wishing to travel safely.

For further information, please download and view our Brochure.

If you would like more information on our Secure Travel Advice & Procedures service, or to talk us regarding your requirements, then please contact us directly on +442084054519 or email us at:

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