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The threats that businesses face when transporting cargo and goods via freight is now greater than ever, with high value goods being transported throughout the World, protecting them can be a daunting task.

The modern threat of criminal activity that businesses face every day when transporting both high and low risk goods can create complications. As modern technology moves forward and the world’s lust for the latest tecnology increases, criminal elements will increase their efforts to steal and hijak high value assets and products.

Whether operations are by road, rail or air, the P&N Security Group’s management, executive and personnel team have vast experience in freight and cargo escort and logistics both here in the UK and in mainland Europe.

All of our escort vehicles that include Mercedes, BMW and Land Rover are designed and equipped to be hig powerered response vehicles, with satellite tracking and communications built in as standard as you would expect from a company providing high risk services such as these.

The P&N Security Group can provide both marked and un-marked vehicles so that a visual deterrent can be created, or a very discreet and under cover service, our management and executive team will liaise directly with our clients to ensure their exact needs are met so we can fit in around their business.

The P&N Security Group are able to cover both the UK and mainland Europe with our Freight Escort and Logistics services and where visa’s permitted, internationally.

Our International Asset Protection and Transportation services are also closely linked with our Freight | Cargo Escort and Logistics services, meaning that we can provide clients with a service that covers all spectrums of high risk security and transportation.

For further information, please download and view our Brochure.

If you would like more information on our Secure Travel Advice & Procedures service, or to talk us regarding your requirements, then please contact us directly on +442084054519 or email us at:

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