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Secure Asset Transportation

The safety,security and transportation of high risk and value assets is going to be of great concern to the client, how can they safely and securely transport their assets whilst preventing loss, damage and criminal activity?

By implementing mesures to counteract these factors, and then providing numerous services to the client, the threat can be severely reduced.

The P&N Security Group provide a range of high risk asset security and transportation services for clients in both the private and public sector, ranging from cash in transit to private asset transportation and discreet | decoy transportation.

We provide operatives that are extensively trained and experienced in this field, all work to the rigorous operating procedures that have been designed and laid out by our executive team that go above and beyond the norm throughout the industry to provide our clients with the utmost in security and safety.

All of our high risk transportation measures, procedures and special measure are discussed in confidence with our clients prior to transportation or protection taking place. By carrying out this consultancy, we are able to assess the main factors, such as the potential threats and understanding the clients needs, requirements and requests.

From our consultancy phase, we can then design and agree a plan with the client and only when they are satisfied, implement it into practice.

The P&N Security Group also provide International Asset Protection & Security, for high risk and value goods for both the public and private sector and European Freight | Cargo Escort, please visit our International Asset Protection and our Freight | Cargo Escort pages for more information.

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