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Residential Security Patrols

With increasing rises in residential theft, burglaries, vandalism and even cases of kidnappings, the need and concern for residential security is now higher than ever. Experiences such as these can leave home owners and residents feeling vulnerable when they should be able to relax in the safety and comfort of their own home.

Neighbourhood crime is an ever increasing threat, with Police and local authority facilities already over stretched, many neighbourhoods, groups of houses and individual properties are turning to Private Security Contractors to provide them with Residential Security Teams (RST), Specialised Manned Security Guarding and Residential Security Patrols in order to safeguard themsevles, their properties, assets and neighbourhoods.

The P&N Security Group provide a very bespoke service to clients Internationally, specialising in High Risk Security, Transportation and Luxury Travel Services. Our Residential Security Teams (RST) and Residential Security Patrols ensure that all our clients are able to carry on with their lives knowing that the safety and security of their home isn’t an issue.

The P&N Security Group can provide a constant prescense covering a number of streets and housing groups both in vehicles and on foot, ensuring that the service is not only cost-effective, but also a physical deterrent to ensure the safety and security of both indivduals, families, groups and properties.

The service is also immediate response as our patrols are always close by, ensuring that if there is an alarm activation or a client requires assistance, the patrol can reach the destination within minutes of contact.

Our Residential Security programme also includes:

  • Premises risk assessment and analysis
  • Analysis of threats and measures to countermand these
  • All operatives and management signing confidentiality agreements
  • Analysis of existing security measures and systems
  • Provision of discreet operatives
  • Full support from extra operatives on the ground and control

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