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UK Retail Security, London Boutique Security, Loss Prevention

Security and loss prevention for the retail industry is of paramount importance with current modern threats of theft and criminal activity, gang activity and terrorism. Minimizing stock losses whilst still providing a safe and friendly environment for shoppers and staff alike is of vital importance.

In 2011, figures showed that the cost of retail crime to the UK retail sector was in excess of £1.3 Billion pounds. Needless to say, the need for an effective and sustainable retail security and loss prevention programme is of paramount importance to all businesses, regardless of their size.

The P&N Security Group provide retail security guards and loss prevention officers specifically trained in this field. An on site risk assessment is mandatory during the consultancy phase, in which we determine our clients needs and requirements, enabling us to work in tandem with them to protect their assets.

Continuous training is also key to the operations of retail security and loss prevention and we work with two registered SIA trainers that run refresher courses for all of our operatives at least twice per annum. Training topics that are covered go further than regular training and include customer care and social skills, health and safety, fire and evacuation, communication,dealing with emergencies and incidents, patrolling, searching and technology use.

The presence of the P&N Security Group’s operatives provides a crucial visual deterrent and physical presence. All our clients and retail customers can feel safe in the knowledge that the P&N Security Group’s operatives are there whilst they shop, boosting comfort and confidence.

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