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In the new world today in which modern security threats are a comprehensive issue, such as criminal and gang activity, terrorism,piracy and hi-jacking, a company that physically safeguard and protect the clients assets, regardless of the destination is needed.

Security for the Hotel sector is now more important than ever given the threats. The arrival of the Olympics Games in London this year will create a host of security and logistics issues for Hotel’s both in and around the Capital.

The P&N Security Group work to a number of fundamental principles when providing Hotel security services in order to achieve and maintain our ethos of excellence, these being:  Discretion, Protection and Safety.

The P&N Security Group have a highly experienced, knowledgeable and personable team that provide a range of services throughout a number of Hotel’s, including reception security, key management, general guarding, guest safety and theft prevention. All act as ambassadors to each, never compromising on the level of service being provided, but remaining diligent and able to respond to any threats effectively and discretely.

At P&N, all of our operatives undergo continuous training programmes, enabling them to afford the necessary skills to effectively cope with situations that they will endure in their line of work.

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