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P&N Security Group – Festival Security, Concert Security, Event Security Management
Security and the management of security for Festival’s, Concert’s and Event’s is more important now than ever before. With heightened security needs due to threats of violence and attacks, the security being deployed needs to be of the highest calibre and able to provide a total management system to back this up.

With this in mind, the P&N Security Group have a large team of individuals who are able to smoothly facilitate the needs for security and management for Festival’s, Concert’s and Event’s. Led by and working alongside our private and corporate events security team, the P&N Security Group can tailor each detail for the security and management of each event, even as far as obtaining sponsorship from world reknown companies to provide equipment and VIP vehicles.

Working from our ethos of excellence in that we do, we can organise and implement a range of security and management solutions for Festival’s, Concert’s and Event’s, these include:

Our extensive experience enables us and our personnel to provide our international level of standards, yet making these personal to each client, with the safety of guests, staff and the venue itself being our primary concerns.

By studying the history of past events, artists and behaviour of guests, we are then able to understand fully the nature of what is needed, allowing us to plan thoroughly for the specific task in hand. We then deploy the most appropriate operatives for each assignment that can integrate fully within the lifestyle of the client’s business.

The P&N Security Group supply security and management operatives to events nationwide,  from small one-off events, to Festivals and Concert’s where there will be large numbers of guest’s. These range from rock, dance and pop music concert’s, to cultural and family friendly festivals.

Our specialist team, which starts with the consultancy phase, is lead by one of our senior management members or one of our directors. We actively engage with clients and can guide them through each stage of the process, from inception of the idea, to licensing and a full on-site security management team, often leading to hundreds of P&N Security Group operatives providing our services for each different event.

Using both only the most experienced manpower and the latest in technology, we are able to reduce our client’s overheads with one of our comprehensive packages, yet not compromising on the security and safety of those involved.

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