The P&N Security Group | International High Risk Security, Transportation and Luxury Travel Services to Clients Globally


In the dangerous climate of the World today, where security has become crucial to life everyday with the threats of terrorism, criminal and gang activity, the P&N Security Group pride ourselves on being able to constantly deliver and maintain the highest possible standards.

By working from the ethos of excellence, we want our clients to enjoy a comprehensive, discreet and cost effective security solution whether this be professional, business or social.

All of the operatives that work for the P&N Security Group  meet the necessary licensing standards for the field in which they operate, such as the SIA and where necessary, the MOD. All also undergo a specific vetting process to ensure that they meet the credentials required not only by the relevant authorities, but also by us and we ensure that all have an extensive knowledge for the field in which they operate.

We maintain a positive close working relationship with the local authorities, licensing officials and Police forces to ensure that we are meeting the required standards and to further our clients reputation and have been instrumental in participating in schemes such as PubWatch on behalf of our clients.

If you would like to talk to us about our services, for advice, or to arrange a consultation, then please contact us directly on +442084054519 or email us at;