Worldwide Asset Protection and Transportation Services


P&N Security Group Freight Escort ServicesThe safety, security and transportation of high risk and value assets is going to be of great concern to the client, how can they safely and securely transport their assets whilst preventing loss, damage and criminal activity?

The P&N Security Group provide secure asset protection and transportation to clients Internationally. Our service starts with the consultancy phase, where we greatly assess the risks and threats involved, but also look at the client and how we can work around them in order to meet their requirements and fit in with their lifestyle.By implementing measures to counteract these factors, then providing numerous services to the client, the threat can be severely minimised.

The Group’s high risk transportation operations include:

The Group are International Security Consultants and provide both Low and High Risk SecurityTransportation and Luxury Travel Services to clients Internationally.

By providing a range of specialist services that can encompass all of our clients needs, whether that be Close Protection, Bodyguarding, Hostile Environment Protection,Specialised Manned Guarding & Static GuardingEffective Nationwide Door Supervision ServicesSecure Travel Operations and ProceduresSpecialised Events Security and Management or Residential Security Teams (RST) and Prestigious Chauffeur & Vehicle Service, all our clients can be safe in the knowledge that the P&N Security Group are there.

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