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P&N Security Group – Freight Escort Services, Cargo Escort Services, Goods in Transit Escort Services

When looking to transport freight, goods or cargo throughout not only the UK, but also Europe, the modern world threats that businesses face everyday can make transporting goods and cargo a daunting task.

The threat of piracy, hijack, terrorism and criminal and gang activity make the physical transportation of goods, cargo and freight not only dangerous, but high risk too. The provision of both low and high risk escort and cargo transportation throughout the UK and Europe is a specialist market and demands the highest levels of personnel, knowledge and experience.

Whether transportation is to be carried out by road, rail or air, the P&N Security Group can provide a range of both low and high risk freight and cargo escort and logistics services to businesses and private clients throughout the UK, Europe and where permitting, internationally. All of our personnel have extensive experience in providing protection and escort services throughout the UK and Europe to ensure that clients goods arrive at their destinations without interuption.

Our escort vehicles, that include Mercedes, BMW and Land Rover are designed to be high powerered and technologically equipped response vehicles, with satellite tracking and communications built in as standard as you would expect from a company providing high risk services such as these.

The Group provide both Low and High Risk Security, Transportation and Luxury Travel Services to clients Internationally. The arrival of the 2012 London Olympics means that we must provide all our clients with the utmost in security and transportation. By providing a range of specialist services that can encompss all of our clients needs, whether that be Security & Transportation for Private Individuals, Families & Groups During the London Olympics, Security & Transportation for Corporate Individuals, Organisations and Businesses During the London Olympics, London Close Protection Services, Door Supervision Services, Door Supervisors & Door Staff, Specialised Manned Guarding & Static Guarding or Residential Security Teams (RST), Prestigious Chauffeur & Vehicle Service and Freight, Cargo and Goods In Transit Escort, our clients can be safe in the knowledge that the P&N Security Group are there.