Private Individuals, Families & Groups Security & Transportation During 2012 London Olympics

P&N Security Group – Private Security During 2012 London Olympics, Private Transportation During 2012 London Olympics

Security, transportation and luxury travel services during the 2012 London Olympics can cause problems and issues for clients and companies wishing to keep their security a primary concern.

With the arrival of the Games in London in under 100 days time, security and transportation for both private and corporate individuals, groups and families is still very much at the forefront of discussion.

The P&N Security Group have a specialist division that caters for private clients security, transportation and luxury travel throughout the 2012 London Olympics. Our During London 2012 Olympics pages give detailed information on the services we will be providing for clients before, during and after the games, including our Private Individuals, Families and Groups Security and Transportation during the games.

The P&N Security Group offer  comprehensive packages to private individuals, families and groups that are travelling abroad from the UK, and also coming to the UK for a holiday or the London 2012 Olympic Games. With experience from the military and the Royal Military Police, our operatives and the way in which we operate our services mean we are able to cater for all the needs of individuals, families and groups, with the maximum security and minimum intrusion.

The P&N Security Group provide both low and high risk security, transportation and luxury travel services to clients internationally. By providing a range of specialist services to clients, whether that be cargo, freight and goods escort, logistics and support, close protection | bodyguarding | counter threat | hostile environment protectiondoor supervision, door staff and door supervisors, specialised manned guarding, secure travel advice, operations and procedures or secure asset transportation and residential security teams (RST)

Whether your looking to source security or change from your existing supplier, the P&N Security Group are able to provide services that are unrivalled and ahead of other providers, working from the heart of our business and mission, being our ethos of excellence.

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