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P&N Security Group – Secure Travel Advice, Secure Travel Procedures, International Travel Protection

Whether your travelling on a business or personal trip, to a famed holiday destination or hostile environment, the measures you implement to check your security before and during your trip will help you try and avoid any potential problems or trouble spots whilst away.

The P&N Security Group provide international secure travel advice, operations and procedures to private and corporate clients globally, ensuring that where ever they travel, the P&N Security Group can provide up to date travel, environment and situation reports via numerous secure communication methods.

Technology is key to our success in this division and by utilising services such as satellite tracking, GPS and regular update communication methods via services such as text and email alerts.

By utilising more than just intelligence and information gathering and sending to our clients whilst travelling, the P&N Security Group also provide personnel such as operatives from our close protection and hostile environment protection teams to travel with our clients and ensure that their safety is not compromised whilst travelling.

The P&N Security Group provide both high risk security, transportation and luxury travel services to clients internationally. By providing a range of specialist services to clients, whether that be close protection | hostile environment protection, specialised manned and static guarding, door supervision and door supervisors, or residential security teams (RST), the P&N Security Group can ensure that our clients security and transportation is not left to chance.

Whether your looking to source security or change from your existing supplier, the P&N Security Group are able to provide services that are unrivalled and ahead of other providers, working from the heart of our business and mission, being our ethos of excellence.

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