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Security training and training courses are at the forefront of the security industry. Individuals cannot work without a valid license for the sector in which they work and all are governed by the SIA.

Choosing the right security course is essential, whether this be security guarding, door supervision or close protection. Also essential is choosing the right training course provider. Many companies offering training services carry them out quickly and without the proper level of focus and participation by the trainer in order to capitalise on revenue streams and ensure they can meet targets. Where this maybe good for them, it does leave operatives and candidates somewhat in the dark, they are not able to fully complete training or have the correct amount of knowledge in order to provide the services required in the industry.

The P&N Security Group operate STR.

STR is the training division of the P&N Security Group, and we offer specialised training solutions in various different fields across the security industry through our partners. We understand that it is of paramount importance that staff who work throughout the industry are properly trained and licensed in order to carry out their duties in the safest way possible for the client.

The P&N Security Group provide both low and high risk security, transportation and luxury travel services to clients internationally. By providing operatives that have a minimum of two years experience in the field in which they operate, whether that be specialised manned guarding, effective door supervision throughout London, Hertfordshire, Cambs, Beds, Bucks, Surrey, Kent, Essex,Berkshire, Hampshire and Norfolk, residential security teams (RST), or secure asset transportation and protection, the P&N Security Group can ensure that our clients security and transportation is not left to chance.

Whether your looking to source security or change from your existing supplier, the P&N Security Group are able to provide services that are unrivalled and ahead of other providers, working from the heart of our business and mission, being our ethos of excellence.

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