International Close Protection | Bodyguarding | Counter Threat

Close Protection | Bodyguarding | Counter Threat  are all some of the most sought after forms of security, whether it be for individuals, VIP’s, celebrities, businesses, private residencies or clients wishing to bolster their existing security.

With all of the above needing the highest in both standards and protection from a security provider and with many to choose from, it is a competitive market place. Many companies claim to provide the highest in close protection and bodyguarding services, but without the comprehensive policies, procedures and licensed and most importantly experienced personnel in place, the security of all of the above can be left in limbo and leaving clients without the proper protection.

Further more, using inexperienced personnel is also very common throughout the industry. Using inexperienced close protection officers, bodyguards and counter threat agents provides a large risk to the client, not to mention the reputation of the company providing the service. Without the most experienced operatives carrying out close protection operations, this can leave clients vulnerable to modern security threats such as criminal and gang activity and unwanted attention.

The P&N Security Group provide Close Protection, Bodyguarding and Counter Threat internationally and pride ourselves on being able to deploy worldwide within 48 hours.

The P&N Security Group only use operatives that have a minimum of two years proven experience within the industry of which they work, such as close protection, bodyguarding and residential security. We also provide in house assessment and training for all our operatives, providing them with both physical and mental challenges in order to ascertain where there could be a shortfall, then providing the right solution in training them to the highest standards possible to ensure they are fully able to carry out the tasks required of them, be it a low or high risk situation.

The P&N Security Group provide both low and high risk security, transportation and luxury travel services to clients internationally. By providing operatives that have a minimum of two years experience in the field in which they operate, whether that be cargo, freight and goods escort, logistics and supportspecialised manned guarding, effective door supervision throughout London, Hertfordshire, Cambs, Beds, Bucks, Surrey, Kent, Essex,Berkshire, Hampshire and Norfolk or  residential security teams (RST), the P&N Security Group can ensure that our clients security and transportation is not left to chance.

Whether your looking to source security or change from your existing supplier, the P&N Security Group are able to provide services that are unrivalled and ahead of other providers, working from the heart of our business and mission, being our ethos of excellence.

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