Security Policies & Procedures

When looking to employ a new security company, or whilst reviewing you existing, it is of paramount importance to ensure that the security company providing services for you, has the right policies and procedures in place in order to deal with any incidents that may happen, but even more so to prevent them before they do.

The P&N Security Group have a comprehensive set of rules, regulations, policies and procedures that are all adhered to by all staff whilst working. Without having these in place, employees do not have a direction to work to, and cannot perform the tasks required to the best of their, and our abilities.

By providing the services we do, whilst ensuring that our policies and procedures are of the highest standard they can be and ensuring that these are enforced from the director and executive team down to all our operatives, our clients can be confident that the P&N Security Group are there to look after all of thier best interests.

To request a copy of any of our policies, to talk to us about our services, for advice, or to arrange a consultation, then please contact us directly on +44(0)20 84054519 or email us at: