Secure Asset Transportation

Transporting goods and assets that are both low and high risk and value is of great concern to private and corporate organisations. With the modern threat of global terrorism and criminal activity playing a large factor in what businesses transport, where they transport it to and with which organisation they use to transport it, businesses face tough decisions.

With the private security industry now flooded with companies claiming they can provide all manners of services to businesses, there are many to choose from. However, using a company that can physically safeguard the clients interest and reputation along with the assets being secured during transit and a network of systems, processes, policies, complete with back up teams and vehicles is what is needed.

The P&N Security Group provide a range of high risk security and transportation services to clients internationally. By physically taking the time during the consultancy phase to understand our clients needs and requirements, then tailoring a plan for our services around them, our clients can be confident knowing that the P&N Security Group have the interest of the client, their reputation, discretion, interests and assets secure during static security, or transit.

Our Secure Asset Transportation service is designed for clients wishing to have the upmost in security whilst in transit, whether this be using a high profile marked vehicle, or a discreet and covert operation. There are many factors that contribute towards the need for both high profile and covert operations, which our management team can discuss directly with the client to ensure we are able to meet the clients requirements.

If you would like to talk to us about our services, for advice or to arrang a consultation, then please contact us directly on +44(0)20 84054519 or email us at