Residential Security (RST)

c This is especially so for a number of reasons, including the arrival of the London Olympics this summer and the increase in visitors that this will bring to both the Capital and the home counties, but also due to the current economic climate, unemployment and a rise in criminal and gang activity.

By ensuring that a physical deterrent is in place to counter these potential threats, homeowners, residencies and estates can feel safe in the knowledge that their premises are protected. However, with many companies offering these services, using sometimes unlicensed and generally inexperienced operatives, the counter action of the threat has been cancelled out, because the operative will not be able to effectively protect the premises.

The P&N Security Group also provide both low and high risk to private residencies and estates throughout the UK through our Resdiential Security Teams (RST). Our residential security teams are comprised of close protection officers, this means they are able to provide the highest levels of security and safety to clients, their families and their residencies.

The P&N Security Group also provide international services to clients, these include: close protection, effective door supervision, freight | cargo escort & logistics or high risk asset transportation, the P&N Security Group can ensure that our clients security and transportation is not left to chance.

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