London, Hertfordshire, Beds, Bucks, Cambs, Essex and Berkshire Door Supervision

Door Supervision, along with Specialised Manned Guarding, are the two most common forms of commercial security throughout the industry today.

With many companies offering both services, it is a competitive market. However, with many companies using both unlicensed operatives and personnel who are trained to the minimal standards and with a serious lack of experience, a group of problems can be occured by venues wishing to have the highest standards in security.

Door supervisors can play the role of a host of roles for venues that include nightclubs, private members clubs, bars, pubs and restaurants that not only act as there capacity for security. Door supervisors should be there to provide a warming and welcoming environment for guests without coming accross as rude, arrogant or over bearing., whilst at the same time, ensuring that guests have a safe and enjoyable experience.

With some companies dominating the market for door supervision services, especially within the London area, control can be lost on the quality and service side of providing effective door supervisors, with their emphasis on quantity to increase revenue streams and profits quickly.

The P&N Security Group carry out our door supervision services very differently. We operate a policy of employing operatives that have two or more years experience in providing door supervision services that can be effectively backed up with references. We also train all of our team in house, providing them with both physical and mental challenges in order to find where there could be a shortfall, then providing the right solution in training them to the highest standards possible.

All of our staff work within the boundaries of the SIA License, but the P&N Security Group have a stringent set of rules and regulations that must be adhered to by all operatives, including factors such as confidentiality agreements between operatives, the group and clients.

We currently provide our door supervision services to areas in London that include: Soho, Chelsea, Fulham, Knightsbridge, Mayfair and to the surrounding counties such as Surrey, Hertfordshire, Harlow, Essex and Berkshire.

If you would like to talk to us about our services, for advice, or to arrange a consultation, then please contact us directly on +44(0)20 84054519 or email us at: