Festival, Concert and Event Security

With the increased number of not only nationwide, but international festival’s, concerts and events, it is of vital importance, especially with the latest international threats, that security for these comes first and foremost. With the right security, traffic management, searching procedures and contingency plans, festival’s, concerts and events can become a complete success.

The P&N Security Group have a specialised team that are able to provide not only the high risk security, traffic managament, searching procedures and contingency plans, the experience and knowledge of physically providing these services for festival’s, concerts and events previously has meant that the P&N Security Group have become reknowed in this field, but also knowledge and advice internationally to those who are organising concerts, festival’s and events. We cover all areas of the security and safety aspects of the event, from traffic management, to fire safety and provisions.

The P&N Security Group’s Executive¬†team that includes personnel that have served within both the Police and Military are able to provide effective and efficient advice, as well as implementing our internationally recognised services to our clients.

Next year will see the P&N Security Group providing high risk security and transportation packages to a number of both small and large festival’s, concert’s and events nationwide. Utilising the expertise of our executive team, our operational procedures and planning, and our operatives, we know that we can combat any potential threats to ensure that security is not going to let down the event.

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For any further information, for advice, or to arrange a consultation, please contact us directly on +442084054519 or email us at: contact@pnsecurity.co.uk