Door Supervision – The P&N Security Group


When looking for security and especially door supervision services, venues have a wide range of choices, especially in London. With the competitveness being a major factor throughout London, and the monopoly of two or three companies providing these services in a past era, it is vitally important for venues to choose the correct company for them.

When looking for a company to provide door supervision and security services to there venue, they will want to see a benchmark of quality, experience, standards and safety. Without these basic factors, companies cannot effectively provide services of the highest calibre to clients.

At the P&N Security Group, these basic factors are standard practice, building upon and creating new infrastructure, policies and procedures and physically putting them into practice throughout all of the venues we undertake security for is fundamental in both ours, our operatives and the venues success and performance.

The P&N Security Group have a dedicated team of door supervisors / door staff that operate nationally, not only providing the physical services, but also providing and acting as consultants, to help strengthen and bolster existing security. As International High Risk Security Consultants, the P&N Security Group have the depth of knowledge, experience and expertise to provide all of our security services.

We can also act as ambassadors for each venue, by building upon existing and strengthening relationships with local licensing authorities, Police and Emergency Services, the P&N Security Group are able to deliver the service that is required for each and every individual venue.

All operatives, if not trained by our in house training department, are recruited for having two or more years experience in the field of door supervision. Each undergoes tests and must meet a challenging set of criteria in order to become part of the team.

The P&N Security Group currently provide door supervision / door staff services to clients and venues throughout London and the South of England. We take our clients privacy very seriously and never reveal or publish a client list and ensure that each operative signs a confidentiality agreement. Many other security companies claim to be discreet and keep the clients privacy at the forefront of there relationships, then tar this by publishing lists of their clients online. The P&N Security Group ensure that all is kept secure and discreet, so as not to encroach on the spot light of the venue and the excellence that all provide.

With two nationwide offices, in London and Hertfordshire, the P&N Security Group are able to cater for clients who require door supervision / door staff services nationwide.

If you would like to talk to us about our services, for door supervision advice, or to arrange a consultation with a member of our executive or management teams, then please contact us directly on: +44(0)20 4054519 or email us at: