Christmas and New Year Door Supervision | Door Supervisors | Door Staff

With only a few days left until Christmas, and then New Year following shortly after, this will be the time when security for businesses including private members clubs, nightclubs, bars, pubs and retail outlets will be vital.

The current period will bring out many more clients than usual, and with more clients, means the possibility for an increase in criminal activity, theft, vandalism and possible trouble spots.

With businesses not wanting to be tarred with any trouble in the run up to Christmas, and then on towards New Year, it is imperative that each has the most vigilant and secure soltuion for them, ensuring that their clients and assets are protected.

Door supervisors, door staff , door supervision operatives and security guards are usually the first point of call for guests when entering a premises. In order to set the tone for the time being spent in the premises, it is of great importance to have personnel that can physically interact with guests and clients, providing a warming and welcoming entrance so that guests feel they can relax knowing that if any trouble does occur, security are on hand to step in and resolve the matter discreetly.

The P&N Security Group provide door supervisors, door staff, security guards and door supervision operatives to venues and premises across the south of the UK, from Hertfordshire to London and Surrey. By providing fully licensed, trained, vetted and most importantly experienced personnel to venues, we are able to complete our ethos that we offer to all our clients, being excellence throughout.

All of our operatives undergo a thorough vetting and pre employment phase to ensure that they are able and adequate to perform the required tasks. Most come from either Police, Close Protection, Military or the like backgrounds as we feel that their experience and know-how throughout the industry are invaluable to our clients who require the highest levels of standard. It is also compulsory for all to sign a confidentiality agreement as we keep our clients and prospective clients information private and confidential at all times.

We provide our door supervision services to clients on both long and short term contracts, but are also able to provide staff on very short notice to clients throughout the UK such as private members clubs, nightclubs, bars, pubs and retail outlets.

If you would like to talk to us about our services, for advice or to arrange a consultation, then please contact us directly on +44(0)20 84054519 or email us directly at