International High Risk Security

The demand for a higher calibre of security service now being needed, are you sure that your business or premises has the most suitable protection? With the arrival of the Olympics next year in London, and the 20 million visitors that will be watching the games, this brings a host of threats into the Capital, not just terrorism. Gang and criminal activity may also increase. With these increased number of visitors and threats, security will need to be increased across the capital, from door supervisors at major nightclubs, to retail guards and hotel security.

High risk security is a very specialised area, with many companies claiming it is what they specialise in. However, without the right processes, training, personnel and experience, they cannot physically provide these services. Many also claim to have ‘years of experience’, again this isn’t what is needed. In order for high risk security to be provided effectively, there needs to be the individual experience there, with training, processes, policies and equipment in place for it to work.

The P&N Security Group provide high risk security, transportation and luxury travel services internationally, working from our ethos of excellence. We ensure that each operative, regardless of the field in which they work, has a current and valid Security Industry Authority license, a minimum of two years proven experience, agrees and completes our vetting process, undergoes a brief training course to ensure that they are adequate for the role they are applying for, this identifies where there maybe a shortfall in knowledge.

Being international security consultants and providers of high risk security, such as our close protection|counter threat division and our Residential Security Teams (RST), transportation such as our prestigious chauffeur & vehicle service and asset management & escort, and luxury travel services such as our private jet and helicopter charter all enable us to provide a world class service, yet making this personal to each client.

The P&N Security Group are offering comprehensive and tailored high and low risk security, transportation and luxury travle services to clients coming to the UK for the Olympics next year. With the arrival of nearly 20 million visitors to the capital, it is of the utmost importance that all have the best protection and transportation available to them. Our dedicated 2012 Olympics area on our website details all of our packages.

Each client is dealt with directly by a member of the senior management or executive team if not a director and client confidence is the forefront of this. We do not publish a list of our clients, nor expose this to anyone and it is compulsory for each member of staff to sign a confidentiality agreement.

To talk to us about our services, for advice or any information, please contact us directly on +44(0)20 84054519 or email us at: