Christmas Security Heightened

With the ever increasing threat of theft, vandalism and attacks on retail and high street stores especially leading up to the Christmas and New Year period, the P&N Security Group are asking how safe are your premises?

Be it a retail outlet, nightclub, private residence or institution, the P&N Security Group can provide a host of services to enhance the security needs.

Our services range from an on site risk assessment to determine where there may be weak points in existing security, and provide cost effective and real time solutions, to close protection and residential teams, and our specialised manned guarding services which provide a visual deterant, also acting as hosts and ambassadors for each client.

By having the utmost in security, businesses and residencies are able to focus on what is important to them at that time, without worrying about the threat to their staff, goods, premises and reputation.

The P&N Security Group follow the ethos of excellence throughout. By providing on the most capable, experienced and licensed individuals throughout the group, we are able to seamlessly fit in and work around our clients lifestyle, ensuring that they know they are safe when the P&N Security Group are there.

Please contact us directly to talk to us about our services, for advice or to arrange a consultancy – +442084054519 or email us at: