Brighton & Crystal Palace Football Fans Clash

Arrests were made following clashes between supporters of Brighton and Crystal Palace Football clubs last night the BBC has reported, read the full article here.

Police say 28 people were arrested mainly for public order offences or assult. Twelve people were arrested in the new Amex stadium and other fans were detained after disturbances at Lewes, Falmer and Brighton railway stations.

Should this mean that security should be tightened at football matches? Response teams are a vital way for football grounds and the security working inside them to isolate trouble spots and put a stop to it.

The P&N Security Group provide dedicated response teams of Close Protection officers to quickly and effectively isolate trouble spots and diffuse them before they evolve.

By using varied methods of communication and training, the teams are able to work in conjunction with other security teams and police forces to ensure that a safe and enjoyable experience is had by all.

Contact us if you would like to talk about our response teams and how we can be of great value, both in terms of safety and cost effectiveness.