Welcome to the P&N Security Group | International High Risk Security Services | International High Risk Transportation Services | Luxury Travel Services

Global High Risk Transportation

High risk transportation and escort is key in combating modern security threats. By implementing and imposing secure policies,procedures and going above and beyond industry standards, the P&N Security Group are able to provide a range of high risk services to clients Internationally.

Luxury Travel & Private Aircraft Charter

Luxury Travel Services, Private Aircraft Charter, Private Jet Charter, Helicopter Charter and Prestigious Chauffeur and Vehicle Services from the P&N Security Group.

Close Protection | Worldwide Deployment in 48 hours

We utilise all of our knowledge, expertise and services to provide the safest method of protection for each client, because we realise that everyone is individual and has different needs and requirements.

Low & High Risk Security Services

Specialist Low and High Risk Security Services from the P&N Security Group

Welcome to the P&N Security Group

Welcome to the P&N Security Group. Since inception, the ethos and mission has been to provide excellence throughout all we do. With a diverse range of both low and high risk Security Services such as Close Protection, Hostile Environment Protection and Specialist Manned Security Guarding, Transportation Services such as Freight & Goods in Transit Protection and Luxury Travel Services such as Private Jet and Helicopter Charter Services, the Group have established ourselves as market leaders throughout the industry. We hope you find the site both useful and easy to navigate and please do not hesitate to use the contact information or contact form to discuss your needs and requirements, for advice or to arrange a consultation, our UK Head office direct telephone number is: +44(0)20 84054519.

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Group & World News

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